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Castrol Magnatec - "Hard Stop"

Stop and start traffic is a major problem when living in a highly populated city. Not only is it a personal frustration, but also detrimental to your vehicle. So what do we do to avoid the every day disturbance?


Hard Stop is a campaign created for Castrol Magnatec motor oil and is a fictional speed dating movement. Commuters of all types have the opportunity to enjoy their stationary time at traffic lights or stop signs without a worry because Castrol Magnatec protects your car from the effects of stop and start traffic.

Hard Stop Personalities - Mini Spots

Jesse is a single dad who recently discovered the Hard Stopping phenomenon while dropping his son off at soccer practice. Now all the Moms seem to take a new route home.

Jim and Jen are truly, madly, deeply and sickeningly in love with each other. It’s the perfect love story that all started with Hard Stop.

Guy’s two favourite things in life are his car and his ladies. So of course, Hard Stopping comes naturally to him.

Genevieve’s job demands so much from her, she never has time to go out on dates to find Mr. Right. Hard Stop gave her the opportunity to finally let loose.

Ryan isn’t always the ladies’ first choice, but with Hard Stop he has the opportunity to start over with every new block.

It’s been a while since Ian last tried his luck at the dating game. But with Hard Stop, he can let the game come to him.

Role: Producer & Writer

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